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Withdrawl Procedures 
In order to maintain a well-balanced and useful collection, a continual practice of withdrawal is required.  The Library cannot possibly serve as an historical archive for little used and dated material.  This task must be left to larger or specialized libraries.  The exception to this is in the area of works of purely local historical interest.  The retention of outdated or no longer used materials would cause the waste of much needed shelf space.  It would also hinder patron access to the useful materials in the collection.  To facilitate the task of withdrawal the following guidelines will be followed:

1. Works that are outdated and/or contain inaccurate or no longer useful information will be withdrawn.

2. Works that were once popular but are no longer in demand will be withdrawn after consideration of their merit and potential usefulness.

3. Worn or mutilated copies will be rebound or replaced only if current demand or usefulness warrant.

4. Prime consideration for withdrawal is frequency of current circulation, community interest, accuracy and/or artistic merit.

5. Standards suggest the removal of 5% of the collection annually.

6. As materials are withdrawn they will be evaluated for possible usefulness elsewhere.  These materials will be donated to appropriate agencies or sold by the FRIENDS of the Library.