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Reconsideration of Materials 
A patron who objects to the Library’s ownership of specific library materials may complete the form “Request for Reconsideration of a Book or other Material” available at the circulation desk.  Such requests will be forwarded to the director for attention.  The director will reply to such requests about the selection of the material, with information from reviews and by reassessing its value to the library collection.

The director may schedule a conference with the patron to discuss the material in detail.  The director will report such conference with a summary to the Library Board.  This summary shall give a decision concerning the retention or removal of the material and be forwarded to the patron. 

Should a patron not be satisfied with the director’s decision, the patron may schedule a meeting with the Library Board to appeal.  The Library Board will hear the appeal and issue a written decision for the patron and include this decision in the minutes of the Library Board meeting.