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The library welcomes gifts of books and other materials with the understanding that they will be evaluated in the same manner as purchased materials, and if found not to be useful, will be returned to the donor if requested, sold, donated to other agencies or discarded.  Materials up for sale may be discarded after one year.

Magazine subscriptions given to the library are to be recognized, with donorís permission, by posting donorís name by the current issue of the magazine in the lounge area as requested.

Cash donations are also welcomed, and the librarian in consultation with the donor will make selection as much as possible.  The selection of materials will be within the libraryís established selection policy and approved by the Library Board, except that consideration of cost may be less important.  An appropriate bookplate listing the donor and/or person to be honored and the year will be put in the material at the donorís request.

Real property and/or stock will be accepted.  If there are any attached conditions, they must be acceptable to the Library Board and City Council.