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General Policies 
Use of the Library

A. The Library serves all residents with a valid library card.  Service will not be denied because of age, religion, race, economic or political status.  The Library’s services are also available to any Minnesota State Resident with a valid library card according to the terms of the State Reciprocal Borrowing agreement. 

B. The use of the library may be denied for due cause such as failure to return materials or pay fines, destruction of property, or objectionable conduct in the library. 

C. A Library Card will be issued free when a patron registers.  This card can be renewed at three-year intervals.  If this card is lost or damaged within the three-year period there will be a $1.00 charge to replace it. 

1. Children 

a. Children under 15 must have their parents sign an application form before they can receive a card. 

b. The responsibility for the selection and use of any library material by children and young adults rests with their parents or legal guardians.

2. Blue Earth Community Library non-resident fee policy: 
An annual fee of $25 is charged each non-resident of the state who applies for a library card, except residents of Kossuth or Winnebago Counties in Iowa who wish to use the library.  EXCEPTION: Persons residing in another state but owning real property in Faribault County are considered “residents” for tax purposes and are not subject to any fees.  The library is tax supported and its services are freely available to citizens paying taxes for its support.  It is only fair that persons not paying such taxes pay a fee for library use.

3. Overdue Material: 
The Library shall send out or call overdue notices to patrons with materials overdue 7 days along with a $1.00 service charge per item.  The second notice if needed is sent out 14 days after the due date with a service charge of an additional $1.00 per item. A bill for the cost of the is sent when library materials are 30 days past due.  There is a set cost for each item type. If the materials are returned after 30 days only the $2.00 service charge per item is due.  For items not returned, the patron is responsible for the replacement cost plus the $2.00 per item service charge.

4. Circulation time for materials 

A. Unabridged audio books and books on disc: 21 days 

B. Books: 21 days (no renewal on new books) 

C. Camera: 21 days (May be renewed once unless reserved) 

D. Cassette recorder: 7 days (May be renewed once unless reserved) 

E. Magazines & some reference books: 7 days (May be renewed once unless reserved) 

F. Puppets: 7 days (May be renewed once unless reserved)(Organizations only) 

G. Puzzles: 7 days (May be renewed once unless reserved) 

H. Records/Cassettes/  Compact discs/CD-ROM's: 7 days (May be renewed once unless reserved) 

I .Video cassettes and DVD: 7 days after check-out (No renewal or reserves) 

J. Non-fiction/teaching video cassettes: 21 days 

K. TV/16 mm projector/ video player: These do not check out and may be used with no charge in the library.