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Blue Earth Community Library





Children can have their parents fill out an application for a library card at age 3.  The cards may be kept at the library circulation desk until the child begins third grade.  This card allows the child to check out all library materials.  The selection of the materials is up to the child and the decision to view or use them is up to the parents.

Six Pre-Reading Skills your child can start learning from birth!
1.  Narrative skills.
     Being able to describe things and events and
     tell stories.
2.  Print motivation.
     Being interested in and enjoying books.
3.  Print Awareness.
     Noticing print, knowing how to handle a book
     and knowing how to follow the words on a page.
4.  Phonological Awareness.
     Being able to hear and play with the smaller
     sounds in words.
5.  Vocabulary.
     Knowing the name of things.
6.  Letter Knowledge.
     Knowing letters are different from each other,
     knowing their names and sounds and recognizing
     letters everywhere.

March Events

6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 22
Harry Potter Yoga for ages 8 - adult.
Please bring a yoga mat or a beach towel.


1.  Please be on time. Be early so you and your child will have time to get a drink or use the restroom if necessary.  It is not always easy to hold the attention of a child for 30 minutes let alone a whole group of preschoolers.  We can do this very well if they are not distracted by late arrivals.  If circumstances make you late, however, you may still come.
2.  Please remain in the library during story times.  If you have a toddler please remain in the story time room and participate with your toddler for a lap-sit program.  We know you will want to be there if your child should become ill or just get terribly lonesome for you.
Please keep any visiting with other adults to a minimum.

This is a great time to introduce your child to their first stories and songs.  Focus in this group is on beginning concepts such as numbers, animals, colors and self.  This is a perfect way for toddlers to socially interact.