City Of Blue Earth - History

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The Memorial Library, built by William Ellery Channing Ross and dedicated in 1904 to the memory of his wife Etta Chadbourn Ross, served as the cultural center of Blue Earth for many years.  In 1954 Guy Ross and his half brother, son of William Ross and Stella Reid Ross attended the library's 50th anniversary.  1979 marked the 75th anniversary. 

In the early 1980's it became apparent that the size of the memorial library was too small to meet the needs of the community.   In February 1985 the library was moved to its present location downtown.  The city of Blue Earth donated the building to the Faribault County Historical Association in 1987 to be used as a museum along with $15,000 for restoration and maintenance.

"We have here -I think-a fine building.  But a library is surely more than brick and stone, more than a beautiful building. My definition of a library would be that it is an assembly hall, a drawing room, free to all people, where at any time they are at liberty to go and there become acquainted with and receive edification and instruction from celebrated poets, wits, novelists, travelers, biographers, historians, and in fact, many of the learned and the cultivated of all ages in all departments of knowledge." said William Ross in his dedication speech in 1904.  The memorial building now contains historical records, pictures, family diaries, documents, and artifacts where visitors may recall the history of Blue Earth. 
2004 marked the 100th anniversary of the Library in Blue Earth.