Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

January 8, 2018 - 4:40 pm


Members present: Chuck Hunt, Wendy Cole, Ruth McNerney, Cindy Lyon, Bonita Zimmer, Wilma Bittinger, Director Eva Gaydon and City Administrator Tim Ibisch. 


Meeting called to order at 4:40 by Chuck Hunt.


Minutes:   November 2017 minutes were reviewed and approved on a motion by Cindy L, second by Ruth M.

Bills:         November/December expense report reviewed & approved on motion by Cindy L., second by Wilma B.


Director’s Report:

1)  Children's Programming: story time and after school activities are going well.

2)  Ornament making activity before Christmas was well received

3)  Eva attended a Library Directors Meeting in Mankato.

4)  BEA Reads planning meeting went well.  FOL group voted to donate $500.00 for purchase of copies of book    Wonder for event.  Activities will include presentations to promote kindness in the student body, Middle    School students helping in elementary classes and a speaker who has a disability similar to that of the main    character in the book.   

5)  Debra Soria resigned and Lisa Kittleson was hired to replace her beginning Dec. 27th and is working well in the position.

6)  John Miller from TDS is scheduled to install a new Firewall next week, as the old one broke.

7)  Library was closed Nov. 23-25 and Dec. 23-25 for the holidays


Monthly Stats:








Patrons Added



Items Added



EBook Ck-out



E-audio Ck-outs



Interlibrary loan-loaned



Interlibrary loan-borrowed



Wireless connections





      1)  Work continues on the FOL old photo/negative project.  Sales will open Tuesday January 16, with FOL                volunteers overseeing it.

      2)  Book Quilt name sales continues with over $400 already taken in. 

      3)  The annual FOL Valentines Tea will be held Feb. 10th, from 10 am to 12 noon. 


Old Business: 

      1)   New hire, Lisa Kittleson will be working 14 hours/week.


New Business: 

 1)  Master Gardeners plan to do a project involving the library in April, to educate patrons about pollinators in the    garden. Cindy L, Wilma B. and Wendy C. will be participating.

 2)  TDS membership contract with only a slight increase in cost was approved for the coming year on a motion    by Wilma B, second by Ruth M. Eva signed the contract.

 3)  Library Board officers will remain the same for 2018: President - Chuck Hunt, VP - Wendy Cole, Secretary -    Wilma Bittinger

 4)  Tim I. reported on needed capital improvements which included painting some ceilings and lattices in library    bathrooms. 



Motion to adjourn at 5:30.  Next meeting March 12, 2018


Respectfully submitted,



Wilma Bittinger, Secretary