Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

May 8, 2017 - 4:40 pm


Members present: Chuck Hunt, Wendy Cole, Ruth McNerney, Bonita Zimmer Wilma Bittinger, Director Eva Gaydon and City Administrator Tim Ibisch


Meeting called to order at 4:40 by Chuck Hunt.


Minutes:   March 2017 minutes were reviewed and approved on a motion by Ruth Mc, second by Wendy C

Bills:  March/April expense report reviewed & approved on motion by Wendy C., second by Ruth Mc. Noted by Eva            that there will be a bill for $800 for water softener repair, which was not included in the report.


Director’s Report:

 1)  BEA Reads was a great success, with support from the Blue Earth, Winnebago and Elmore Friends of the       Library.

2)  April 27th Victor Johnson held a book signing at the library.

3)  Eva is attending the technical/circulation user group meeting at TDS in Mankato on May 3.

4)  Blue Earth and Winnebago Libraries are co-host a table at the Senior Fair to be held at Hamilton Hall on May       10 from 1pm to 6pm.

5)  Author and news reporter Cody Benjamin is doing a book signing May 25th at 5 pm at the library.  The FOL       will provide refreshments for the event.

6)   Grades K-5 will make their annual library field trip on June 1.  At that time they will be informed about the       summer reading program and participate in a fun game.

7)   Janice will attend a professional development Read-a-lot Camp on August 3rd.








Patrons added



Items Added






Eaudio & Evideo



Inter-library Loaned



Inter-library Borrowed












      1)  Carolyn Dixon has finished piecing the library quilt.  It will be used as a fund raising project by the FOL.                      They will be selling space on the various book spines for embroidered family or business names. Funds                   will be used to purchase public access equipment.

Old Business:

1)  Remodeling continues to progress. A few things need to be put in place yet but main construction is finished.

2)   TDS service problems have abated.  Cataloguing is caught up and leadership seems better. 

New Business: 

1)   More organized information from the Senior Center is needed so that Eva can answer questions she gets       from patrons about events, calendar, cost, etc.  Access after 4 pm is a problem as Senior Center Director           is not available then. 

3)   Summer Events theme is "Build a Better World".  Plans for performers and a brochure are in the works and       more information will be in the Faribault Register.    


Motion to adjourn at 5:05.  Next meeting July 10, 2017


Respectfully submitted,

Wilma Bittinger, Secretary