Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

June 9, 2014 - 4:30 pm


Members present: Kathy Benz, Wilma Bittinger, Sue Ellingsen, John Huisman, Doris Kessel, Director Eva Gaydon and City Administrator Kathy Bailey


Meeting called to order at 4:30 by John


Minutes: May minutes were approved.


Bills:  May expense report reviewed, needed correction noted and approved.


Director’s Report:

1.    Firewall will be installed and network issues will be addressed.

2.    Lightning strike previous weekend affected printer network.  Insurance claim will be filed

3.    Summer Reading program for adults will begin July 1.

4.    The library received a $500.00 grant from Walmart

5.    May Stats:


 Circulation:                       2279

 Items added                        86

 Users added                         30




 Ebook circulation             180                             

       ILL borrowed                      20

       ILL loaned                          46

       Zinio Circulation                   6


Old Business:

1.    Friends of the Library:  Eva met with three other people interested in forming a FOL group. Membership categories were discussed along with a name for group, ways to partner with other local groups, fund raising options and events, and ideas for a brochure which Eva will put together. Eva will make a presentation regarding the FOL at the Community meeting Saturday night.   

2.    New board members are needed.  Eva will approach some high school students in an effort to get input from the younger members of the community. 

3.    After discussion, the board agreed to leave the board meeting time at 4:30 PM.


New Business:

1.    Budget is due in July.  Input from board for Capital Improvement Plan is welcome.

2.    Future funding ideas were discussed, including requesting state funds through the legislature.

3.    Senior Center and Library Staff:  Regarding City Council on-going discussions of how to run the adjacent Senior Center, Sue made a motion that the board does not support the idea of library staff being put in charge of running Senior Center. Motion carried.    

Motion to adjourn was made at 5:12 and carried unanimously. Next meeting will be July 14, 2014


Respectfully submitted


Wilma Bittinger