Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

January 14, 2013

4:30 pm


Members present: John Huisman, Lenny Clement, Sue Ellingsen, Wilma Bittinger, and Director Eva Gaydon. Excused: Kathleen Benz


Meeting called to order at 4:30 by John.


Minutes: December 2012 minutes were approved on motion by John, second by Lenny.


Bills:  Approved on motion by John, second by Wilma


Director’s Report:

Eva shared a written Director’s Report with the board and the contents were discussed.

1.  The number of print magazine subscriptions has been reduced from 42 to 31, plus 5 donated subscriptions.  The savings from this change will be used to purchase more e-books. The use of e-books continues to increase. When the service was initiated in June of 2011, there were 399 checkouts in the remaining 6 months.  In 2012, the first full year of the service, there were 1200 check outs.

2.    The “Lord of the Rings” movies marathon was attended by 20 patrons and included a menu of Hobbit inspired menu. 

3.    The number of VHS movies and audio cassettes has been reduced to make room for more current technology.       

4.    Submissions for the 2012 annual state stats report will begin on Feb. 15, 2013.

5.    Eva and Heidi Schutt from the Winnebago library are partnering to have Brian Richards, an educational entertainer perform during National Library week which is April 15-20.  A legacy grant from TDS will pay for the cost of this event.

6.    Eva is researching the cost of microfilm readers and hopes to have a recommendation at the February Board meeting.

7.    TDS is seeking a new contract for delivery services for library materials.  The Current delivery company, Waltco requested this when they determined they were not charging TDS enough to cover costs.  The current costs for TDS have been $4500 but the new figure from Waltco is $11750.00.  TDS has sent out bid requests to 6 other companies and if these bids come in closer to Waltco’s new cost estimates, the TDS membership fees will increase also.  The present contract runs out June 30, 2013. 

8.    TDS is pursuing a grant for a Zinio subscription which is e-magazines.  If the grant is successful and the service is begun, it would have to be included in the budget if we choose to continue the service after the grant money is used up.

9.    The Frost library is closed indefinitely due to illness.  The Frost city council will decide its fate at their January 14th meeting.  If it closes permanently, Blue Earth will no longer provide delivery services and will thus not receive the money to cover that service. 

10.  The Faribault county library board as agreed once again to pay for the annual Overdrive e-book subscription which for a county our size is $3000.


Old Business:


Writers’ Conference; after some discussion, the consensus was to have another Writers’ Conference this coming fall and then perhaps go to a bi-annual schedule.  The cost of last year’s event worked out to approximately $110 per participant.  It was suggested that we partner with another library or the newspaper to help with the cost and the work.  A date for the 2013 event will be decided on at the February meeting.



New Business:

1.    Election of Board officers:  The nominees for officers were: John Huisman for President, Lenny Clements for Vice-President, and Wilma Bittinger for Secretary.  The nominees were elected on a voice vote following a motion by Wilma and second by Lenny to accept the slate. 

2.    TDS Membership Agreement: After discussion, the agreement (which includes automation, delivery and inter-library loan services) was approved on a motion by Sue, second by Lenny.  The cost this year is around $10,000.  The formula to arrive at the cost is complicated and the $10,000 amount is just a fluke that will only occur this year.  Normally the cost varies between $14,000 and 15,000.

Motion to adjourn was made at 5:10 and carried unanimously. Next meeting will be February 11, 2013.


Respectfully submitted


Wilma Bittinger