Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

Dec. 12, 2012

4:30 pm


Members present: Lenny Clement, Sue Ellingsen, Wilma Bittinger, Kathleen Benz and Director Eva Gaydon. Excused: John Huisman.


Meeting called to order at 4:30 by Lenny sitting in for John.


Minutes: November minutes were approved on motion by Sue, second by Kathleen.


Bills:  Approved on motion by Wilma, second by Kathleen


Director’s Report:

1.  The library has received a grant through the Historical Society to help pay for a Microfilm reader/scanner.  The reader/scanner, a ScanPro 2000 was demonstrated to the staff earlier today and when delivered will be upgraded to the 3000 model.  The exact cost will be detailed later, but Eva estimated it to be around $10,000, with the grant covering $7000 of that.   

2.  January 12 the library will hold a ‘Lord of the Rings” movie marathon, including hobbit food and costumes if the participants desire. 

3.   Eva has applied to be a ‘book giver’ on World Book Night.  WBN will provide the chosen book givers with the free books, and the book givers seek out light or non-readers, especially people who may not have access to printed books for reasons of means or geography. Book givers receive 20 free paperback copies of one World Book Night title.  Entry deadline is Jan. 23, 2013 and books will be given out in April.

4.   A new library board member, Doris Kessel, has agreed to serve and her appointment was recommended to the City Council after being approved by the board on a motion by Wilma, seconded by Sue. 


Old Business:


A few comments were made about holding another Writers’ Conference but the formal discussion will take place at the January meeting. 


New Business:



Motion to adjourn was made at 4.50 and carried unanimously. Next meeting will be January 14, 2013.


Respectfully submitted


Wilma Bittinger