Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

Nov. 9, 2012

4:30 pm


Members present: John Huisman, Sue Ellingsen, Wilma Bittinger, Kathleen Benz and Director Eva Gaydon and


Meeting called to order at 4:30 by John



Sept. minutes were approved.


Bills:  Approved on motion by Sue, second by Kathleen


Director’s Report:

1.  First Blue Earth Valley Writers’ Conference financial report: $470 taken in, $2682 in costs.  Board agreed that $100 should be given to the church for the use of the facility.  The consensus was that if we repeat the conference, we should schedule it later in September. 

2.  Library Halloween party was attended by about 100 local children and adults. 

3.  November is National Novel Writing month and several of the library staff are participating.

4.   New Library signage is finished and the board agreed it looks great.  Eva still wants to paint and re-label the book drop.

5.   There will be some craft and story times scheduled during the month of December for elementary school children. 


Old Business:


1.  Window repairs involved with the new signage is also finished and working well so far. 

2.  Time of board meeting was discussed.  A tentative new library board member, Doris Kessle, has volunteered and she will be sent the required paper work. 


New Business:


1.   Plans for the next writers’ workshop will be discussed at the January meeting. 


Motion to adjourn was made at 4.50 and carried unanimously. Next meeting will be Dec. 10th, 2012.


Respectfully submitted


Wilma Bittinger