Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

October 10, 2011

4:15 pm


Members present: John Huisman, Lennie Clement, Kathleen Benz, Sue Ellingsen, Wilma Bittinger and director Eva Gaydon as well as City Administrator Kathy Bailey. 


Meeting called to order at 4:15 p.m. by President John Huisman.



No printed copy was available so the minutes will be approved at the Oct. meeting.


Approved bills: 

The motion was made by Sue Ellingsen, seconded by Kathleen Benz, to approve payment of monthly bills.  Regarding a question about how the budget is working out for this year, Eva noted that a few line-items are over budget but that is balanced out by others like staffing that are coming in somewhat under,  The library does not generate much revenue on its own but the deliveries to area smaller libraries does bring in some money.  The county reimbursement is about 30% of the library’s total funds and the city makes up the rest.  Eva attends county as well as city library board meetings and keeps both groups informed on expenditures and activities.  


Director’s Report:

Eva reported on repairs done to the library’s interior entry door which had to have the automatic opener replaced at a cost of $1800.


The Halloween costume party is scheduled for Oct. 31.  Eva will print up fliers and notify the schools.  Board members agreed to donate individually packaged baked goods for the party favors.


The first meeting of the new genealogy club, “The Dead Relative Society”, was held in September with about 7 members attending.  At the next meeting, which will be Thursday, Oct. 23, at 7 PM, members will share information, photos and stories on an ancestor they find most interesting.


On Oct. 11, the Blue Earth Register will be interviewing Eva in connection with the new E-readers and the books that are available to be downloaded onto the various E-reader devices.  The board was able to inspect and try out a sample Nook, Kindle and IPad which the library received thanks to a grant through TDS.


Old Business:

The committee which was formed in Sept. to brainstorm some ideas on how to use the Vera Steinberg bequest presented a list of numerous suggestions.  Each board member marked 5 items from the list that they thought were best.  Eva will count up the votes and report on the decision at the Nov. board meeting.


New Business:

Sue Ellingsen brought some brochures from the Spring Grove, MN and the Decorah, IA libraries.  Forming a “Friends of the Library” chapter was discussed and Eva will look into what would be involved in starting such a group. Since the group would be doing fund raising, they would have to meet certain state and local rules regarding such groups. 



Kathy Bailey, City Administrator, helped Eva go over information on the new laws regarding Library Maintenance of Effort (MOE). The State uses several complex formulas to determine the minimum level of financial support each library should receive.  The state librarian and the State Library Development & Services Specialist Programs then pick the formula they think best suits each individual library, based on funding during the 2 preceding years.  Since the State Legislature mandated a 10 % reduction in MOE for the coming year, some adjustments were necessary. 


Motion to adjourn carried unanimously at 5:10.  Next meeting will be Nov. 14, 2011.


Respectfully submitted


Wilma Bittinger