Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

September 12, 2011, 4:15 pm


Members present: Kathleen Benz, Lennie Clement, Sue Ellingsen, John Huisman, Wilma Bittinger and director Eva Gaydon.


Meeting called to order at 4:15 p.m. by John Huisman


Minutes approved:

The minutes of the unofficial board meeting (due to lack of quorum) held in July were approved as printed.


Bills Approved: 

The motion was made & seconded to approve payment of bills for July and part of August. Motion carried.


Director’s Report:

Eva reported on the success of the summer reading program, which this year included a booth at the Faribault County Fair.  The Legacy grant obtained through Traverse De Sioux will also be available next year so plans are in the works to continue the program for the summer of 2012.


An insurance claim was made by the library for the damage sustained to the building by a driver rolling into the rear of the building.  A quote for repairs was received from Greg Young and work will begin soon.


Eva is organizing a genealogy club for the Blue Earth Area.  The group will be called “The Dead Relative Society” and will have its first meeting on Sept. 29 at 7 PM in the library. 


Old Business:

Efforts continue to find more library board members.  Eva has contacted the high school in an attempt to find some students and/or staff that would be willing to serve.  Lenny will also approach Rachel Roverude to see if she is interested in serving.    


A new paperback book display case has been purchased and Eva has noticed an increased patron interest in the books displayed on it.  This is in addition to the free exchange paperback rack located in the front of the library. 


New signage for the library is still being worked on.  There has been a lack of response from contacted businesses but Eva will continue to search for someone that can come up with an acceptable design. 


Lenny made note of the fact that the Town and Country Players are moving their props and costumes into the basement after some renovation and are very happy with the space. 


New Business:

Eva reported that the budget has been submitted to Kathy Bailey for the coming fiscal year but it is still a work in progress and will not receive final approval from City Council until December.  The library board will have until Nov. to question or make suggestions to what has been presented to Kathy.  Some of the objectives that the city hopes for from all departments in this coming budget discussion are: working together, sharing, and achieving a 10% reduction in overall spending. 


The library is receiving a Nook e-reader very soon thanks to a grant through TDS. This will be used as a teaching tool for the staff so that they will in turn be able to aid patrons who wish to use their own e-reader to download library e-books.  A Sony reader will also be available later and Eva is hoping to exchange a smart phone for another brand of e-reader which would be more useful in the long run since it would not be tied to a phone number.



A brainstorming committee was set up to think of more ways to use the endowment from the Vera Steinberg estate.  The committee consists of Lenny, Wilma and Eva.  They will have a report on ideas and research into feasibility by the November board meeting.


Next meeting will be October 10, 2011.


Motion to adjourn carried unanimously. 


Respectfully submitted


Wilma Bittinger