Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

Oct. 11, 2010, 4:15 pm


Members present: Kay Nemanic, John Huisman, Kathleen Benz, Wilma Bittinger and director Eva Gaydon. Members absent:  Ann Ekse, excused, Lennie Clement, excused


Meeting called to order at 4:15 p.m. by President John Huisman.


Minutes approved:

The minutes were approved as printed.


Approved bills: 

The motion was made by Kathleen Benz and seconded by Kay Nemanic to approve payment of August bills. Motion carried.


Director’s Report:

The Halloween Costume Party will be held October 29. 2010 from 6-7:30.  Board was asked to volunteer time or baked goods if possible. 


Old Business:

Eva displayed the bird watching kits she made up.  These kits include an insulated bag with a pair of binoculars, a bird identification book, a map of local bird watching trails and a sheet for record keeping.  There is also room for storage of food items or cameras.  The items provided were paid for with money from the Steinberg bequest.  They have been cataloged at TDS and can be checked out by library patrons.


New Business:

Eva presented a copy of a Tech Plan Survey and equipment inventory, which details the present technology items at the library as well as estimates of future needs.  The board agreed that 4 new computers be purchased this year & a motion was made by Wilma Bittinger, seconded by Kay Nemanic to have Eva proceed with the purchase of 4 Acer models.  Motion passed.


Eva noted that a new line item is being added to the budget for these purchases but this year it will show up as a negative balance since the line item was not originally in the budget.  The money will come out of another category this year.  But next year, the technology purchases will have their own budgeted amount. 


Eva will make up a table for the next meeting to help the board decide on how future computer replacement purchases should be staggered-possibly every 2-3 years. 


Fax charges were discussed.  Presently the library charges $2.00 to send and $1.00 to receive.  Eva suggested that a change, based on a plan used by Milwaukee Public libraries, be made to charge $2.00 to send or receive 1–10 pages, and $4.00 for 11-20 pages.  A motion by Kay Nemanic and seconded by Kathleen Benz to accept these changes was passed by the board.


Motion to adjourn carried unanimously at 4:56.  Next meeting will be Nov. 8, 2010.


Respectfully submitted



Wilma Bittinger