Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

March 9, 2009

4:15 p.m.


Members present: Ann Ekse, Wilma Bittinger, John Huisman, Kathleen Benz, and director Eva Gaydon.


Members Absent: Amalia Olson, Lennie Clement



Meeting called to order at 4:15 p.m. by President John Huisman

The minutes were approved as printed.


Director’s Report:


Ms. Gaydon reported that  Storytime and the adult reading program are winding down. The summer reading program is currently being developed.  Head Start will be coming to the library on March 24th. General usage is increasing at the library, including inter-library loans, and computer use.


Old Business: 

Some concerns were expressed over the possibility of mold in the basement of the facility. It was decided to get a cost estimate of mold abatement, if necessary, from K. Karl.


New Business:


The library policies were discussed as per by-laws requirements.  The motion was made by Ann Ekse and seconded by Wilma Bittinger to delete the portion in the policies concerning the E-book Reader, as this equipment is no longer utilized by library patrons.


In the section of policies concerning internet and computer policies for users, item #6, concerning chats and gaming was deleted because chat applications are often imbedded within chosen web sites, i.e., Army recruiting, etc.




It was noted that we still have $20,000 available from the Steinberg bequest. As these funds are currently interest-bearing, it was decided to wait until we could use these monies for something meaningful to Ms. Steinberg’s memory.



Respectfully submitted,

Ann Ekse, Secretary