Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

January 14th, 2008



Members Present:  Ann Ekse, John Huisman, Wilma Bittinger, Lennie Clement and Director Eva Gaydon


Members Absent: Margie Liebl, Amalia Olson, Wiletha Eckhardt

Meeting Called to order at 4:25pm


December Minutes Approved as submitted.


Motion to approve January Bills, made by John Huisman seconded byAnn Ekse.  Motion Approved.


Director Report presented.


Old Business

Update on city council budget process.


New Business


Election of officers tabled.

Motion made by Lennie Clement to adopt resolution in support of local government aid.  Seconded by Ann Ekse.  Motion Approved

Resolution in Support of local government aid/county program aid

  • Whereas public libraries in Minnesota are an essential part of the infrastructure of their communities and the fabric of community life and,
  • Whereas public libraries are funded in part, wither directly or indirectly, with local government aid/county program aid and,
  • Whereas many public libraries made substantial cuts in hours and services after the 2003/2004 cut to local government aid/county program aid and,
  • Be it therefore resolved that Blue Earth Community Library of Trustees hereby requests its legislative representatives and the Governor to place a high priority on an increase to Local Government Aid/County Program Aid during the 2008 legislative session.

Discussed possible window cleaning options.

Motion made by Ann Ekse to sign the Traverse des Sioux membership agreement.  Seconded by John Huisman.  Motion Approved.

Reviewed the Constitution of the Blue Earth Community Library.


Next Meeting February 11 at 4:15pm


Motion to adjourn made by John Huisman, seconded by Wilma Bittinger


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Library Director