Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

December 10th, 2007



Members Present:  Wiletha Eckhardt, Ann Ekse, John Huisman, Wilma Bittinger and Director Eva Gaydon


Members Absent: Margie Liebl, Lennie Clement, Amalia Olson

Meeting Called to order at 4:17pm


September Minutes Approved as submitted.


Motion to approve November and December Bills, made by John Huisman seconded by Wilma Bittinger.  Motion Approved.


Director Report presented.

  2007 review, 2008 goals. Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation Young Explorer Grant awarded.


Old Business

Reviewed 2008 budget request, update on city council budget process.


New Business


Motion made by Wilma Bittinger to use donation funds to purchase three laptop computers from Dell seconded by Ann Ekse. Motion Approved.


Next Meeting January 14th at 4:15pm


Motion to adjourn made by John Huisman, seconded by Wilma Bittinger


Submitted by

Library Director