Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

March 12, 2007



Members Present:  Lennie Clement, Wilma Bittinger, Wiletha Eckhardt, Marlyse Oswald, Ann Ekse, and Director Eva Gaydon

Meeting Called to order at 4:22pm


Motion made by Wiletha Eckhardt to accept March Bills.  Seconded by Wilma Bittinger. Motion passed. 


Motion made by Wilma Bittinger to accept February minutes. Seconded by Ann Ekse.  Motion Passed.


Director Report: Eva Gaydon was one of twenty-five applicants selected to attend the Minnesota Library Association Leadership Institute in April.  The 2006 Annual report was submitted and verified by the library board president.


Old Business


Discussed and reviewed examples of e-mail used by board member to make motions.


New Business


Motion to pay for Mrs. Gaydon’s attendance to the Minnesota Library Association Leadership Institute made by Lennie Clement.   Seconded by Wiletha Eckhardt.  Motion passed.



Motion to adjourn made by Wiletha Eckhardt seconded by Wilma Bittinger. Motion passed.


Next Meeting April 9th at 4:15pm


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Library Director