Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

February 12, 2007



Members Present:  Lennie Clement, Amalia Olson, Wilma Bittinger,Wiletha Eckhardt, Marlyse Oswald and Director Eva Gaydon

Meeting Called to order at 4:40pm


Motion made by Lennie Clement to nominate Marlyse Oswald, Ann Eske, and Margie Liebl as library board members.  Seconded by Wilthea Eckhardt.  Motion passed. 


Motion made by Lennie Clement to accept Wiletha Eckhardt as Vice-President, Wilma Bittinger as secretary and Marlyse Oswald as President, upon her appointment as board member.  Seconded by Amaila Olson.  Motion passed.



Handed out Director Report


Old Business


Reviewed 2006 budget.


Reviewed library committees.  President will appoint board members to committees during March meeting.


New Business


Reviewed 2007 budget.


Reviewed Library Bylaws and Constitution. Discussed e-mail use to make official decisions about library business.  Director is to have written statement of e-mail use by library board members at March meeting.


Discussed extending Saturday library hours to 3pm.  Motion made by Amaila Olson to extended library hours to 3pm on Saturday starting March 1, 2007.  Seconded by Wiletha Eckhardt.  Motion Passed.


Adjourned at 5:15pm


Next Meeting March 12 at 4:15pm


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Library Director