Blue Earth Community Library
Library Board Minutes
October 9th , 2006
Members Present: Wilma Bittinger, Gail Pearson, Wiletha Eckhardt, Julie Perrizo, Lennie Clement, Amalia Olson and Director Eva Gaydon
Absent: Vernice Mensing
Meeting Called to order at 4:25pm
Motion made by Wiletha Eckhardt to accept September bills, seconded by Julie Perrizo. Motion approved. 
Motion made by Julie Perrizo to accept August minutes, seconded by Amalia Olson. Motion approved.
Directors Report
Busy making final preparations for costume party. Preparing library staff for Eva’s maternity leave.
Old Business
Motion to accept bid from Hilltop Chemdry made by Lennie Clement. Seconded by Wilthea Eckhardt. Motion Approved
Motion made by Julie Perrizo to approve purchase of new firewall with exploring options to share expenses of additional ports with the other parties connected to the library’s network. Seconded by Amalia Olson. Motion Approved.
New Business
Julie Perrizo announced a new employment in Fairmont and would have to resign from the library board. Board members expressed their thanks for Julie’s service to the library. Gail Pearson expressed concern regarding her health and her ability to continue on the library board.
Meeting adjourned at 5:15pm. Next meeting November 13th at 4:15pm