Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

April 10, 2006



Members Present:  Wiletha Eckhardt, Gail Pearson, Vernice Mensing, Julie Perrizo, Wilma Bittinger, Lennie Clement, Director Eva Gaydon, and City Administrator Ben Martig

Excused: Amaila Olson


Meeting Called to order at 4:00pm


Motion made by Julie Perrizo to accept March bills, seconded by Wiletha Eckhardt. Motion approved.


Motion made by Vernice Mensing to accept February minutes with correction, seconded by Julie Perrizo.  Motion approved.


Directors Report


Informed the board of TDS strategic planning process. The Faribault county library director is working on a reporting policy for city reimbursement and should be voted on at their June meeting.  Informed the board of a letter to area business and organizations to request funds to assist in implementing a new teen summer reading program.


Old Business

The last part of the accessibility grant should be completed this week or next.  At the February city librarians meeting the group decided with Faribault county board members that the state annual report would be more than adequate to determine city reimbursement.


New Business

2005 annual report is now available if anyone wants to view or have a copy.  Tabled discussion of wireless access, information to be presented at May meeting.  Discussed option for library uniform shirts, more options and pricing to be presented at May’s meeting. Discussed Linda Willette’s service to the library, set up a time in May for the board to present Linda with a Certificate of Recognition.   Informed the board that Mrs. Gaydon will be taking maternity leave sometime in October.  Discussed options for covering some of the director’s duties while she is out.  Discussed meeting time, more discussion next meeting. Next meeting will be at 4:15pm on May 8th.


Meeting adjourned at 5:10pm