Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

February 13, 2006



Members Present:  Wiletha Eckhardt, Gail Pearson, Vernice Mensing, and Director Eva Gaydon

Excused: Lennie Clement, Amalia Olson, and Wilma Bittinger


Meeting Called to order at 4:00pm


Motion made by Vernice Mensing to elect Gail Pearson as President, Julie Perrizo as Vice-President, and Vernice Mensing as Secretary Seconded by Wiletha Eckhardt.  Motion approved. 


Motion made by Julie Perrizo to accept February bills, seconded by Wiletha Eckhardt. Motion approved.


Motion made by Wiletha Eckhardt to accept January minutes, seconded by Vernice Mensing.  Motion approved.


Directors Report


Highlighted TDS departmental reports, informed of upcoming training and workshops. Discussed upcoming meeting with Faribault county report committee.  Update on Strategic Planning Committee.  Received a $1,000 literacy grant from Wal-Mart.    Update on Faribault county library board.



Old Business

Discussed library policies issues and Eva’s attempts to comply with policy.  February 23rd Nathan Jorgenson is to give a book talk at the library at 6:30pm.


New Business

Reviewed the 2005 annual report filed with the Department of Education.  Motion made by Julie Perizzo and seconded by Wiletha Eckhardt to approve annual report with corrections.  Motion approved.


Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm