Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

May 9,2005

Members Present:  Linda Willette, Julie Perrizo, , Wilthea Eckhardt, City Council Liaison Dick Maher, and Director Eva Gaydon

Members excused: Lennie Clement, Andy Blum, Gail Pearson, Vernice Mensing


No quorum present


Director Report

Sirsi is up and running as of May 6th.  All staff is receiving training on different aspects of the Sirsi software.  For the most part things are running smoothly with little disruption to the library patrons.  You can access ibistro(library catalog) at  The summer reading program brochure is printed and the library is being decorated.  May 31st k-5 grades will be visiting the library to hear about the summer reading program.  Lena and Eva will be doing a skit for all classes.  May 13th is the library staff meeting; we have much to cover on our agenda.  Per the library trustee handbook a library board member may reside outside the city (within county), the Mayor can appoint and the city council must approve.  Eva outlined specific duties that will need to be taken over in her absence.  Discussion of how many hours would need to be covered, potential candidates for the position.  More discussion needed in June.