Blue Earth Community Library

Library Board Minutes

June 13th, 2005

Members Present:  Linda Willette, Wilthea Eckhardt, Gail Pearson, Vernice Mensing, Andy Blum, Lenny Clement, City Administrator Ben Martig and Director Eva Gaydon

Members excused: Julie Perrizo


Meeting Called to order at 4:07pm


Motion to accept monthly bills made by Vernice Mensing seconded by Wilthea Exkhardt.  Motion passed.


Directors Report


The summer reading program started June 6th.  Attendance is up at story time and afternoon events.  North Mankato is intending to withdraw from the shared automation system in December.  TDS does not know the full extent that will have on the automation budget.  Eva will attend sirsi report training next week.  John Miller spent part of a day fixing our computers and troubleshooting sirsi problems.


Old Business


So far the new system is working and staff our getting accustomed.  We have had a couple of comments from patrons about the new due date slips.  Patrons like the stickers we used in the past.  Due to the holds (previously inter-library loan system) we need the computer to generate hold and in transit slips for all items.  We are trying to acquaint patrons with our new system and the advantages of using it.


New Business


The board discussed adding a part-time temporary position to perform some of Eva’s duties during her maternity leave. Reviewed the Library director duties that would need to be performed. More board discussion and questions regarding the 14-hour restriction on library employees. Ben Martig stated once pay equity is reviewed he will have more answers.

Lenny Clement made the motion to open a 30-35 hour temporary part-time position to current library staff.  This position will assume some of Eva’s duties during her maternity leave. Tentative dates are August 26th –Through October 10th.  Closing date is June 17th at 5:00pm.  Employees will be given a job description of this new position. The personnel committee will review applicants and appoint.  The city administrator with input form the library director will set the wage.  Seconded by Andy Blum.  Motion passed.


The library has the opportunity to participate in the Staying Connected grant through the Gates Foundation.  The library would receive two new computers for the public at 1/3 the cost.  The cost is approximately $980.00 for two computers. Motion made by Andy Blum to participate in the grant opportunity. Seconded by Vernice Mensing.  Motion passed.


Motion to adjourn the meeting at 5:07pm.